10th August 2016

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When you want your décor to make a real impact, let the floor do the talking. Follow these essential tips for getting it right.

The choice of flooring literally grounds any colour or decorating scheme so it’s sensible to think about it as long term investment.

Don’t hide your feature flooring under a lot of furniture: consider mounting shelves and TVs on walls, or opting for a bathtub with feet – anything you can do to give the flooring maximum visibility is well worth it to enjoy the new design feature to the full.

Choose your style. An attention-grabbing floor can transform a space from something ordinary to somewhere you’ll want to spend all of your time. It can create a striking modern contrast to a traditional-looking space, as demonstrated here, or it can give a modern room a new-found sense of heritage. Mix and match themes to propel your chosen style to new heights.

Share the shades. If you use your floor to introduce some colour into your room, find inventive ways to bounce that colour around the rest of the space. For example, an intricate light fitting can reflect a shade back down to your floor, creating balance without competing for attention. To ensure the effect is not too busy, keep walls neutral and, for very colourful patterned flooring, consider limiting yourself to picking out just one or two shades to revisit around the room. Opt for softer, low key designs and colours on the walls for that dramatic look.

Bear in mind that a statement floor needn’t be colourful to make an impact. The Moroccan-inspired monochrome finish in this living room relies on the patterned floor for its dramatic impact, which takes the design from stark to something truly stylish.

Share the shapes. Echo shapes used in your decorative flooring around the room for a look that’s thought-out and harmonious – no matter how bold or eye-catching the floor’s design! The recurring circular theme in this room is a perfect example of shapes used to pull a room together.