Straight Edge Profile – White PVC


Straight Edge Profile – White PVC

A PVC profile for protecting and finishing tiled corners and edges. Provides a decorative finish and protects adjacent tile edges. Features a perforated anchoring leg for securing in adhesive or mortar bond below the tiled surface.

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Length : 2.5m Product Code
4.5mm STP045/WH
6mm STP060/WH
8mm STP080/WH
10mm STP100/WH
12mm STP120/WH
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PVC Technical Information

Polyvinyl chloride commonly abbreviated PVC, is the world’s third-most widely produced synthetic plastic polymer. PVC is particularly suitable for a wide range of application due to its excellent resistance to most oils, alcohols, petrol, fats and chemicals.

Atrim manufacture a range of PVC profiles for protecting and finishing tiled corners and edges.
Recommended for for domestic and light commercial use, Atrim Straight Edge Profiles feature a perforated anchoring leg for securing in adhesive or mortar bond below the tiled surface.

Atrim profiles need to be checked at point of specification, for suitability of application in any given area. Chemical reaction and mechanical stresses must all be taken into consideration.

PVC’s relatively low cost, biological and chemical resistance and workability have resulted in it being used for a wide variety of applications.

PVC is not recommended for use above 60°C. It is unsuitable for use in contact with aromatic and chlorinated hydrocarbons, ketonesm nitrocompounds, esters and cyclic ethers which cause some swelling.

Polyvinyl chloride is produced by polymerization of the vinyl chloride monomer, with a selection of additives tailored to the intended end use.
PVC has high hardness and mechanical properties.

Types of PVC
Different forms of PVC can be produced through the use of additived in the manufacturing process. Most common are plasticizers which dramatically improve performance characteristics, while one of the most crucial additives are heat stabilizers.

Regular PVC is a common, strong but lightweight plastic used in construction. It is made softer and more flexible by the addition of plasticizers. If no plasticizers are added, it is known as uPVC or, rigid PVC.

Flexible PVC coated wire and cable for electrical use has traditionally been stabilised with lead but these are being replaced, as in the rigid area, with calcium based systems.

Liquid mixed metal stabilisers are used in several PVC flexible applications such as calendered films, extruded profiles, injection moulded soles and footwear, extruded hoses and plastisols where PVC paste is spread on to a backing (flooring, wall covering, artificial leather).

PVC is now commonly used for pipes, electric cables, construction, signs, clothing, furniture, healthcare, flooring, wallcovering, greenhouses, playgrounds, toys, tiles and other kinds of interior cladding, etc.

PVC Finishes
Atrim PVC trims are available in a wide range of colours for decorative finishes. Colours available include white, black, whisper peach, jasmine, ivory, light grey, mid grey, dark grey, mushroom, cream, beige, stone and brown.

To maintain optimum appearance, the surface should be cared for regularly. In external areas, exposure to bright sunlight can lead to some fading in the intensity of the colour. Any damage from impact or scratching is unlikely within standard conditions of use.

During installation
The quality of installation affects the durability and lifespan of PVC. Therefore, it is important to make sure PVC is in good condition before installation. Normally, giving it a quick clean is enough prior to installation. However, if surface contamination is present, more attention is required. In fields such as aerospace, pharmaceuticals and food handling, an extremely high standard of cleanliness may be required, so extra care should be taken.

Routine maintenance
PVC does not require any special maintenance. Any dirt or deposits can be used with standard household cleaning products. All cleaning agents should be free of hydrochloric and hydrofluoric acid,

Maintenance tools
Abrasive cleaning tools should be avoided to prevent alteration of PVC finishes. Chloride-containing solutions, such as bleach, should also be avoided.

• Soft cloth and water: suitable for cosmetic issues and general cleaning
• Mild detergent: needed if stains cannot be easily lifted with water

Please Note: All technical specifications & information is supplied in good faith in accordance with our Terms and Conditions and to the best of our knowledge and intention.

Additional Information

Dimensions 2.5m cm







10mm, 12mm, 4.5mm, 6mm, 8mm


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