10th August 2016

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It’d be difficult not to notice the rise in popularity seen for marble recently on sites like Pinterest and Houzz. It seems many people are also overcome with love for this crystalline, metamorphic form of Limestone.

Adding a touch of marble to your home doesn’t mean you have to go all-out and tile an entire room (although marble and bathrooms are a match made in tile heaven). Marble has been seen gracing desks, being used as Instagram backdrops and even DIY faux-marble phone and laptop cases.

Marble can be grand and austere, if chosen wisely and used in small doses, the gleaming stone can add a classic touch to any décor. Users should think subtle and merging modern materials to avoid overwhelming the eye.

Many are particularly fond of the trend of combining marble with copper or other metals. Together they create a contrasting look that somehow works really well, especially when it comes to accessories.

Marble creates an elegant, timeless feel in a room and can make even the smallest of spaces feel bigger with its light reflecting qualities.

Working with a neutral colour palette, white marble can make small rooms appear more open. It will add light to dark confined spaces. Due to the soothing feel of marble, it’s the perfect backdrop to almost any interior style and brings a sense of luxury and calm to a room.

Marble’s intricate veining creates a unique look to a room and keeps a space from looking too flat. The natural veining that features in the stone is down to minerals found in the layers of rock which, when cut, forms beautiful swirls and patterns that mean no two pieces are exactly the same. Polished marble is perfect for use on countertops or walls due to its glossy finish which bounces light around and creates a feeling of space.