1st August 2017

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This month we are featuring on geometric tiles.  We think geometric prints are stylish statements wherever placed and their crisp, clean look make them especially suited to bathrooms.

There’s loads of options out there from classic black and white designs to colourful mosaic patterns and repeated triangles and circles, to hexagons and stars, they are a great way to add a striking design feature to even the smallest of spaces.

Whether you opt for a geometric design which is soft or neutral in colour or go the full hog and infuse bright colours with the prints, geometrics are certain to brighten your mornings and evenings with a chic look.

Geometric tiles have been around for a long time – from the intriguing patterns of the Taj Mahal to the fascinating symmetrical designs at the Moorish palaces of southern Spain. Today’s styles play on this history to capture a sense of nostalgia, whilst modern twists such as sculptural qualities and 3D effects literally add a new dimension to the trend.

For the ultimate show-stopper in your bathroom room, fit geometric floor tiles that continue onto the shower way for a bold, dramatic effect.


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